Friday, February 7, 2014

Sorry bout it

I realized today that I haven't been blogging much because I feel like they have to be really well thought out and deep entries about life and its deeper meaning... and lately my mind has been in WAY too many places to do something remotely close to that.  Plus, social media in general has really been freaking me out lately, but that's another issue entirely!

So here's what's been going on in my/our heads lately in a few random words...

We have officially hired our first teacher for goEnglish, and have had 3 consultations this week with new clients!  We are the most excited we've ever been about this thing.  

The summer months (Jan-Feb) are so chill around here.  Probably half the city is gone.  There is hardly any traffic, which is awesome.  There are also a lot of closed businesses, which is not always convenient when you need clothes dry-cleaned or a non-scheduled doctor's appointment for a 10-month old with pinkeye :(

Going to the doctor's office always makes me miss living in the States. 

Being a "stay at home" mom is the hardest job I've ever had.  And I only have one kid.  I don't know how people do this with multiple children.  And we want multiple children.  I don't know how this is going to work.

For the first time in over a year, I feel like we have somewhat balanced our work life.  Running your own business definitely has its perks, but the start-up is brutal.  I really hope that phase is actually done and it's not just the summer slowed pace that's giving us this balance.

This week's focus: Have better posture.  

We really need a small group this year.  That is directly related to our need for some spiritual renewal.  Christianity was never meant to be personal, and we are missing the key component of living it out with other people.  Which is so hard.  But so necessary.  You would think working as a missionary would provide that community (we did as well,) but we are actually feeling really isolated from authentic Christian community.  

Today is Park Day!  I can't remember if I ever blogged about that.  I know I was meaning to. But for now there is a tiny one I must chase around the living room!

Anyway, here's to more blogging.  Happy Friday!!



  1. Hurray for knowing some of the things on your mind and heart. Blogging never has to be deep. It never has to be anything that what you want it to be! Just be you and we'll all love it! I look forward to hearing in more detail about these things because they're all important! Thank you for sharing. :)