Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Observing Ourselves

For our next video update we will be including a lot of clips from past videos, so I have been skimming over the last 3 years (wow) of footage today.  It has been really fun to look back at how much has changed, how much we've changed, the ideas we used to have and how they are panning out in our present reality.

A few things I have noticed through observing ourselves/our life in these videos:

1)  We always talk about the weather.  

2)  Winter does not look cold in the videos.  But I promise you... 

3)  We had so much more energy before we were parents :)

4)  Our perspective on missions has changed drastically.

5)  Chile is beautiful.  More beautiful than we could have ever imagined.  

6)  We seem like we have a really awesome life.  Which, we do... but there is so much of our hardship, pain, and struggles that definitely does not come through these videos.  Still trying to figure out ways to be more real in that aspect. 

7) I'm pretty sure I say "Hey guys!" about a million times.

8) Our Spanish has gotten waaaaayyy better since August of 2011!  Praise God. 

9) Looking back at how we talked in the beginning confirms that we are feeling kind of burnt out in a lot of ways right now.

10) Coen isn't even a year old and I can't remember him as small as he is in our April video.

Sometimes, (more often as time goes on,) I think about how weird it is to have a video update of our life each month.  But it's time like these that make me thankful for the ability to "observe" ourselves from the outside, remember all the good and bad of the last few years, and remember how faithful God has been to us in our life in the south!


  1. I love this post, and it really motivates me to do video updates about our time here, too. We can reallyyyy relate to #6 and #9 right now. We miss you and love you 3!

  2. It's like keeping a journal that everyone sees and hears and you can check back on to see how you've grown, struggled, and what's gone on. It's kinda neat, huh? But it certainly is not the type of format that is easy to share the aches and cries of our heart very clearly. I will chew on that to be a bit more real in our videos too! :)