Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keitt Update - May 2014


  1. I love your videos!!! To see your faces and hear your voices is such a blessing. Coen is presh!!! Praying g for the dry spell to teach and redirect and pass. Xoxo Jeanie

  2. Favorite parts of this great video:
    1) Coen's spaghetti dangling from his mouth as he packs it in! What a good little eater! Alejandro and I were cracking up!
    2) When it says "casa" "elefante" for one of the Casa Esperanza kid's words.
    3) Continual confirmation that the Chilean Police are useless. Wahh!!
    4) That the Lord has brought so much blessing in your business and offered you guys a small group finally!
    5) How God is totally working on your heart about Sierra Leone. Pretty sweet!

    Love you guys!