Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Update - Seasons

Right now we find ourselves thankful for seasons.  There's something about the uncertainty of life that just makes you thankful for little things that you can rely on: the sun coming up the next morning, birthdays coming and going each year, the warmth of spring coming after a long winter.

These are the kind of natural rhythms that science allows us to know when and why they occur.  

But there are other seasons that are not as well-defined; the beginning nor the end are very clear, not to mention everything in between.  What we have learned is that contentment comes from being thankful during whatever seasons we find ourselves.  If it is season we enjoy, we embrace it fully and thank God for allowing us to experience it.  If it is a season that is hard to be grateful for, we look for good it could be doing in us if we allow it to and focus on being open to accept it.  This is obviously much easier said than done... but that is the challenge.  To embrace it for what it is, choose gratitude, and remember perspective.

Life, in every aspect, is made of seasons.  The good, the bad, and everything in between. We are thankful for these seasons, and trust that God truly uses everything for our good!

Here are some of the seasons we are in:

Fall.  It's beautiful outside.  The leaves change a little, mostly just to yellow and not everywhere, but we'll take what we can get.  The air smells crisp.

Cold.  Fall = cold.  Not crazy cold yet, but cold enough to put a hat on Coen for 7AM breakfast.  Tracey gets mad at me for complaining about this so often.  And you probably wonder why we talk about the weather so much.  The whole "idea" of not having heat inside your house doesn't really sink in until you live in it!  

Excitement.  We are so excited about the work we are doing!  We had our first staff meeting as a business yesterday, are meeting new clients, and truly enjoying the teaching and administrative parts of goEnglish.  

A lot of work.  While it's definitely getting better, owning a business seems to be an endless list of tasks.  Right now goEnglish is big enough that we need an administrator, but we are small enough to not be able to afford one.  So we are trying embrace the craziness, trusting it's a season.

New beginnings.  I (Christine) am starting a reading program with 5 of the kids at House of Hope that are severely behind academically.  Coen and I get to go twice a week for a few hours; Coen gets some quality time with Tia Susi while I spend 15-20 minutes with each kid individually.  I am really excited about working directly with the kids again, especially ones that need so much help and that thrive on one-on-one attention they rarely get.

I (Tracey) had my first meeting with the parents of all of our Sunday School kids. The possibilities are endless and very hopeful.  I think we, teachers and parents, can see the potential but there's such a big difference between believing in something and then taking the steps, the actions to actually bring those ideas into reality. 

"Hey guys! Come to my meeting!"

Someone was not paying attention...

Good thing the teacher likes you

We had our first goEnglish staff meeting this week.  We are really excited about building a strong community with our teachers both professionally and personally.  It helps us feel more organized and focused overall, and it's really nice to have more than just two opinions!     

Disconnect from God.  We are both feeling spiritually disconnected right now.  Not like we don't believe in Him, more that we have questions and doubts that we don't really know what to do with, and it makes it hard to connect.  We are hoping to find people here to walk through that with, (which we actually have an answered prayer for small group!) but for right now it's a season of feeling more distant from Him.

If only it could be so easy...

Uncertainty.  Where are we going to live next year when we have to leave this house?  Are we going to stay in Chile for another year?  5 years?  20 years?  We absolutely have no idea.  And we know we probably won't for a while.  In a way I feel like it's the way we should always live, (because who really knows what their life is going to look like anyway?!) because it keeps you intentional and on your toes.  But the planner in me is happy that I know this, too, is a season.   

Fun and friends.  We've gotten to have a lot of fun outings this month - hiking with good friends in the mountains, going to the park with the crazies Boss and Osita, sharing lunches with our host family, even going to a waterpark.  
Meeting new friends to play with

Keeping in touch with the long-distance ones

April Prayer Requests

1) Wisdom in addressing spiritual issues

2) Perseverance in carrying out changes in Sunday School and House of Hope

3) For IAM - its workers, projects, and overall health

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  1. The seasons of life are necessary though tricky. My heart is over-joyed as you see this time as a season that you can grow and learn from and soon grow out of and transition onto another. Do you know this Nicole Nordeman song, Every Season?
    It makes me want to cry and laugh and smile every time I watch it as I am reminded how intentionally God allows seasons in our lives, just as He does in creation, so we can be drawn to know Him more.